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Fidelcrest (Markets) Ltd is a Proprietary Trading Company who operates the Fidelcrest Trader program.

For most traders one of the biggest problems they come across is not having enough Capital to trade and earn a comfortable income. They might have a solid trading strategy and start trading on a couple hundred dollars without having the ability to really scale their profits. If they do, it could take a while to grow a very small account.

As Traders and Investors, we know exactly what Traders go through and the frustrations they face.

That’s why we created Fidelcrest Trading Challenge and a Proprietary Trading Firm that gives retail traders the ability to access larger Capital and really make a difference in their lives. Fidelcrest is a global operating company having its headquarters in Nicosia Cyprus, that welcomes ordinary traders to take our Challenge Verification and if they pass…They can manage up to $1M in Capital from anywhere in the world.

Fidelcrest is actively searching for Traders with excellent Risk Management Skills and a Solid Profitable Trading Strategy. In other words, we’re looking for Traders who can manage accounts properly and grow at a steady rate. Not a Gamblers mindset.

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Become a Fidelcrest Trader and manage accounts up to 1M USD.

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